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Saturday, October 5, 2013

aspen grove trail

We hiked Timpanooke Trail with the boys on July 24th since Adam had the day off.
We didn't start until after lunch and it was a hot day- I think mid 90's!
We were glad for the cloud cover at first, and cooling off at the falls later on. 
We only planned on making it to the first waterfall, about a mile in, since the boys are still young.
Someday we'll take them all the way to the top of Timp!
There were lots of butterflies on the trail that day.
Fun hike with my little family.

Riding the horse tree. 

Linc was filling his pockets with cool rocks- this was a few minutes into the hike- ha!
I finally convinced him to leave them by the trail and we could get them on the way down...

B R E A T H T A K I N G !
I was carrying a sleeping Franky after he decided he didn't want to nap in the backpack 
and Linc took a few breaks on the way down. We were a  good (slow) team.

Playing in the theater afterwards.

Directions to Mount Timpanogas (via Aspen Grove Trail):

From Salt Lake City, go south on I-15 to Orem 800 North (Exit 272). At the bottom of the off-ramp, turn left and proceed east on 800 North (UT 52) toward the mouth of Provo Canyon for 3.7 miles. Take the left ramp onto East Provo Canyon Road (US 189). Continue up the canyon for 7 miles to UT92, the first left after the tunnel. Continue up UT 92, passing Sundance and the Aspen Grove Family Camp on the left. Pass teh Forest Service fee booth at 4.6 miles and enter the trailhead parking lot immediately on the left. 

We only hiked in about a mile, but the trail goes all the way to the top of Timp- 
a 13.6 mile round trip that should only be hiked by experienced hikers. 

Friday, January 11, 2013

hidden falls- winter

We have done this 5-10 minute hike in the summer to see Hidden Falls. 
(See summer pics HERE.)
It was so fun to see in the winter too!
We added it on to our hike across the street at Mill B South trailhead since the trails are so close to each other.
We took our snowshoes off for this one. 
The trail is pretty narrow so it worked well with boots.
It looked like only one group had gone before us since the trails were not packed down.

 Frozen Hidden Falls
 The boys were really excited about all the GIANT icicles the falls had so graciously made them.

Linc is sitting on ice and loved sliding down it. 

One to eat and one to hold...

Ice rifle.

ice climbing

Always on the quest for more icicles.

The sun was setting as we were packing up, and thanks to the smog in the valley, it looked so pretty!

We loved this little hike, even though I literally poured water out of Linc and Ollie's boots once we got them into dry socks in the car. Next time I'll bring an extra set of pants too, so their ankles aren't wet for dinner or the ride home. 

Directions to Hidden Falls:

Distance 0.3 mile out and back

To reach the trailhead: Drive 4.3 miles up Big Cottonwood Canyon on Highway 190. As you come to the S-curves, enter the Mill B North Fork parking area, (not marked very well!) just 100 yards past the Mill B South Fork parking area. Take the trailhead at the north side of the parking area. Head up the stairs near the information signs in the parking lot, and use caution in crossing the busy highway.

Instead of following the Mill B North Fork Trail to your right, take the lower left trail along the creek to the falls, heading into the shade. Avoid the second set of stairs to the right, which continues to the Mill B North Fork Overlook. 

 (From Best Easy Day Hikes, SLC by Brinkerhoff and Witt)

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